Our University

Bible University is a private, online, non-profit, distance educational, Christian, seminary mun position paper example whose mission is to educate anyone who feels called to study the Bible and Christian faith completely free of charge. All course material is completed completely online with no fees for textbooks. The essay writing service co uk students reside in over 130 countries around the world with the faculty also teaching from all parts of the world. Bible University grants Bachelor Degrees to Doctorate Degrees.

Bible University offers Tuition-Free University programs for anyone who wishes to learn about the Bible, Christianity, Religion, Apologetics, Gnosticism, or prepare for the Ministry.

Bible University offers a variety of degrees. Here is a list of degrees the university awards.

  • Certificate of Biblical Studies
  • Academy Research Writing
  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Ministry
  • Bachelor of Christian Education
  • Master of Biblical Studies
  • Master of Ministry
  • Master of Christian Education
  • Doctor of Biblical Studies
  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Doctor of Christian Education
  • Ph.D. in Gnostic Studies
  • Ph.D. in Christian Leadership

According to the admissions, certain prerequisites are required for each field of study.

Bible University is a registered theological institution that is officially exempt from the state regulation of Missouri. Bible University was awarded official status as an Exempt Religious School on October 27, 2011, according to Sections 173.600 through 173.619.2, RSMo, by the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE), Jefferson City, Missouri, USA. It is also duly organized as a nonprofit organization in the State of Missouri with its registration number being N01119879 awarded February 17, 2011, by the Secretary of State of Missouri.

They do not seeking unofficial/unrecognized accreditation status because doing so adds nothing to the value of the education provided or the degrees awarded by Bible University. We refrain from such deceptive and pretentious statements about accreditation. Instead, we simply focus on providing the highest quality Christian-based undergraduate and graduate education possible – completely free and accessible to anyone.

Student Testimonies

Thank you for making this university possible. I have been wishing to further my learning and understanding of the word, but most universities make it impossible to for the large tuition fees they impose on people. May God bless you for all your wonderful work for him…I sincerely believe that your ministry has brought the answer to my prayers. Master’s Student

I would like to commend you on the wonderful job that you are doing because it will help others like me who really cannot afford to go to [conventional] Bible school, to be able to do so.

Your program is God’s gift at this time in my life and ministerial pursuit.

I thank God for this programme. Just reading through the course materials I was highly blessed and I know by the time I successfully complete the course I will be well informed which will have a positive effect in my local church where I serve as a minister.

The no pay-free professor system you have designed is a stroke of genius too! If only more universities were like this one.

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, which I probably would have never had if I would have had to go to a school that charges tuition.