1. Is Bible University Accredited?

The short answer is “no” and this is for many good reasons. Principally, due to the innovative design and delivery system pioneered by Bible University and the predominance of tuition and fee free programs offered by this school, we are not eligible for accreditation by any officially recognized organization. However, Bible University holds official status as an Exempt Religious School, by the Missouri Department of Higher Education. We are also organized as a bona fide nonprofit organization in the State of Missouri. We have purposely refrained from seeking unofficial/unrecognized accreditation status because doing so adds nothing to the value of the education provided or the degrees awarded by Bible University. Please see our prospectus for full explanation.

2. Is Bible University really tuition and fee free?

For close to a decade all certificate and degree programs at Bible University have remained 100% tuition and fee free. We still offer a certificate program and degree programs from the bachelors through the doctorate level (presently in two different majors) that remain 100% tuition and fee free (no tricks, no surprises). Beginning in 2014, we started offering a few  specialty degree programs for which there are very nominal fees. Details are provided in the program-specific descriptions throughout the prospectus.

3. Will I have access to and communication with faculty and staff?

There is lead professor (and in some cases, one or more instructors working under the guidance of the lead professor) assigned to each degree program. Please see “key contacts” page of the prospectus for the name and contact information for the lead professor assigned to each degree level at Bible University. Besides feedback regularly provided for all written assignments, students may contact their assigned professor or
instructor by email at any time.We endeavor to respond to all email inquiries within two weeks and usually much sooner. However, please realize that all faculty and staff at Bible University are 100% volunteer, and each of us is engaged in
full-time employment and/or ministry outside of the University. At times, then, replies to email inquiries may take a little longer. Please be patient — we always respond!

4. How long will it take to complete my degree program?

At a minimum, it will take one year (12 months) for you to complete any Bachelor’s, Master’s, Or Doctorate program at Bible University. Please see the prospectus for details.

5. I can’t find the application form … where is it?

There is no application form. Rather, the application process entails your response to the seven questions found in the Application Instructions section of the prospectus. Note that question number seven
requires you to submit a writing sample (a “mini-essay”), according to specific requirements and criteria.

6. How long does it take to receive a response after submitting an application to a degree program at Bible University?

As with all inquiries, we endeavor to respond to applications within two weeks or less. However, the timeframe could be a little longer for reasons noted earlier. Often, application decisions are
delayed because applicants neglect to follow all instructions. Please help us expedite the process by submitting a full and complete application. Please ensure that your writing
sample contains no plagiarized content because this will delay the process or even cause your application to be rejected.

7. How long does it take to receive feedback and marks for my submitted assignments?

It takes about two weeks or less; slightly longer in some circumstances. Please be patient — we always respond!

8. How long does it take to receive my diploma and transcript after graduating from a degree program at Bible University?

Electronic copies of diplomas and transcripts are usually sent within two weeks after your professor notifies the registrar of your graduate status. The registrar will contact you by email to finalize details for getting your credentials sent out to you. If you request hard copies of your diploma and transcript they will be mailed within two weeks as well (no need to request for fee based programs; they hard copies are included in the fees)
Graduates living in some countries or regions outside the US might not receive their credentials for several weeks (even a month or longer) after being mailed from the US regional office. Whether living in the US or elsewhere, providing the registrar with a current and valid mailing address will help ensure the most prompt and timely delivery of your credentials

Note regarding all communications with BU: Bible University is very dependent on technology, the internet, and email for nearly all operations. Technology is far from foolproof and communication can break down in spite of
best intentions of students, faculty, and staff alike. That said, if you submit an email, assignment or other communication to anyone at Bible University and if you do not receive a response within two weeks, please follow up with the
person you were trying to reach. It’s possible your message was never received, or upload of an application or assignment might have failed.

9. Can I transfer credits earned at other colleges or universities to Bible University?

Because degree programs vary so much from one university to the other, especially within the Biblical field, we do not accept credits or courses taken elsewhere toward completion of any degree program at BU. However, we will accept full degrees earned elsewhere as qualification to enter at a higher level at BU. For example, a Bachelor’s degree earned in almost any major from almost any credible college or university will qualify one to begin at our Master’s degree level. And similarly, a Master’s degree earned elsewhere will qualify one to begin at our Doctorate degree level.

10. Will my courses or degree be accepted for further study at other colleges or universities?

In some cases, the answer is “yes” and others, it is “no”
because policies vary so widely from one school to the next. Credits earned at Bible
University may not be transferable to other institutions of higher education. It is the
student’s responsibility to determine the suitability of a Bible University certificate or
degree relative to their specific objectives (vocational, educational or otherwise).

11. Will a degree earned at Bible University help me qualify for a new job or promotion?

Our course of study and resultant certificates and degrees represent solid and appropriate education for anyone called to study for the ministry, enhance their knowledge of the Bible, Christianity, Religion, and Apologetics, or learn about many more topics relevant to Christians today. Our programs are intended to prepare
students for a variety of occupations and voluntary roles within the Christian faith. However, our degrees may not be accepted by all religious organizations and may not be suitable for employment in all settings. Again, it is the student’s responsibility to determine the suitability of a Bible University certificate or degree relative to their specific objectives (vocational, educational or otherwise).

12. Will I be able to attend graduation ceremonies upon earning a degree from BU?

We’re sorry that we are not able to formally honor students in a graduation ceremony for the hard work required to complete a degree program at BU. Bible University operates entirely online. Although we have regional contacts in many corners of the world, we maintain no physical facilities or campus in the US or
elsewhere. Moreover, we have students, faculty, and staff residing in over 50 different countries around the world. It would be difficult – not to understate cost-prohibitive for us and graduates alike – to get everyone rounded up in one place for a formal graduation ceremony. So, short answer is “no” you will not be able to attend a formal graduation ceremony. However, we fully honor and respect each and every student who successfully graduates from any degree program at BU. You, your family, and friends can take great pride and honor in such a noteworthy accomplishment. And, your name will be added to our alumni list (available from the BU Home Page) so that your fellow
students, family members, friends, and BU faculty and staff will know of your great

13. Why do I have difficulty accessing some areas of the Bible University website?

Only the Mozilla Firefox web browser works at the BU website. If you are using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or any other browser to access the BU website, you will likely encounter difficulty accessing many areas of our website, and especially when trying to upload an application or written assignments to the BU site. Mozilla Firefox is the recommended web browser for all work at BU. Students experience few if any problems on our site when using Firefox. If you don’t already have Firefox on your computer, you can download the browser for free from this site: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/