Thank you for your curiosity in Bible University.

There is no qualm that at the Bible University, we committed and dedicated to fulfill the mandate of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-19). It’s often been said that if you want to fulfill your purpose and destiny as recorded in God’s Master Plan, you don’t just lives, but learn and train up young people. You remodel their minds and hearts with the knowledge of God, you give them a solid worldview, you help restructure them intellectually, morally, and spiritually, you root them in the word of God, and you empower them to serve Christ in all kinds of vocations in sincerity, honesty and faithfulness. That is key way that the gospel of Christ Jesus advances.

That’s what we do at BU. And without faithful supporters like you, we could not do it. So thank you for your consistent prayer and financial assistance to help us fulfill our mission.

Bible University takes great pride in providing a Certificate, and a number of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degree programs which are 100% tuition and fee free. We continue to explore new options for expanding the range and variety of totally free Biblically-based higher education program offerings.

Bible University stands out and remains the best online Christian University for many reasons which include:

  • Our commitment to be Christ-centered oriented,
  • Our belief in the truthfulness of the Bible,
  • Our exceptional strategic ideas,
  • Our focus and continuity in providing free tuition programs,
  • Our irrefutable achievement within ten years of existence,
  • Our soaring academic and intellectual standards,
  • Our commitment to train leaders and equip them with knowledge and orientation to become stupendous leaders in their society and the entire world,

We thank God for His extraordinary blessings and we seek His guidance as we move forward. Kindly, pray for wisdom and insight as we forge ahead with the new site plans and the continued growth of enrollment. Pray for our BU students, faculty, and staff as they continue join hands to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.

And please consider making a DONATION in support Bible University. Your donation will help us advance and keep on fulfill our goals. It is an outstanding opportunity, not just to educate students, but to change people’s mindset and impact the world for Christ.

Dr. Mike Omoasegun